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3A’s Services offers a wide range of electrical services from new wiring to upgrades and repairs. We’re on call to serve all your electrical needs. If you find yourself in a pickle, contact us for amazing electrical services in Northern Virginia, Fredericksburg, Maryland, and DC!

Home Electrical Services

We believe in working hard so that all our customers are satisfied. No matter what the size of your repair or project, we’re here to help you with competitive rates, quality products, materials, and prompt and courteous service. Amazing electrical services are just a call or an email away! Reach out to our team to get started on ensuring your home is safe, up-to-date, energy efficient, and not draining a hole in your wallet on a monthly basis.


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COMMON electrical issues

Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker is an electrical safety device designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by an overcurrent or short circuit. It’s an important part of your home’s system. Amazing electrical services in MD, DC, and VA!

Dead Outlet

A dead outlet could be the result of a circuit breaker that has tripped or a loose wire causing a bad connection. It’s incredibly dangerous and can cause a house fire. If you have an outlet that doesn’t work, call us immediately! We’re happy to help keep your home and family as safe as possible.

Electrical Surges

Electrical surges can have many causes such as faulty appliances, bad wiring, circuit breakers tripping, or lightning strikes. Sometimes they happen without us even noticing but sometimes they can cause major damage to your home’s system.

electrical overloading

An electric overload occurs when too much current passes through electric wires. The wires heat and can melt, with the risk of starting a fire. Avoid this with our amazing electrical services in MD, DC, and VA.

High Electric Bill

High electric bills could be an indicator or a system that is not working efficiently. A good general inspection of your home’s systems could help lower energy costs and create a safer home. Spend your money on things you enjoy doing with your family, not on unusually high electric bills.

NOt Enough Outlets

Running out of outlets in a high traffic room is always frustrating. But it’s important to have a professional run your lines for new outlets and to install the boxes within the building codes and guidelines.

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At 3A’s Services our number one goal is to educate our clients. We want to empower you to be informed and empowered home owners. Virtual service is a our answer to the biggest question homeowners have. “Is my problem big enough to hire a professional”? Now, for the cost of a house visit fee you can use video chat software to have a professional at your fingertips. Our pro will stay on the chat with you and have you show them the problem so they can walk you through fixing your problem by yourself! Imagine DIY videos but with interaction. Then if the problem is in-fact too big to handle we can schedule a visit for our professional to handle the job for you. No more guessing, take ownership of your home! You’ll always get a professional plumber anywhere you are when you contact 3A’s Services for our virtual services!